Bry-Air, Inc. prides itself on our customer focus and the experience they have with our team.  We are proud to say that the customers listed below have offered to make their experiences available for the benefit of others.  Please contact us today if you would also be interesting in sharing your experience with Bry-Air, we would love to hear from you!

Electric Power Utility - HRSG Application
Electric Power Utility – Tampa, FL – “We are so fortunate to have found your company to make these machines.  The machines look great and nice alongside my boilers. I am so proud of how you built these machines.”  Furthermore, this customer went on to say “The benefits of dehumidification are that once your Heat Recovery Steam Generators are clean, they can stay clean during an extended layup. I have visual evidence of this…Clean Heat Recovery Steam Generator Tubes promote optimal heat transfer. Optimal heat transfer provides the highest rates of steam production. High or optimal steam production promotes optimal steam turbine and generator output and ultimately lower heat rates…The benefits extend to lower overall corrosion of internal boiler components and the preservation of this expensive asset.”


Jewelry Manufacturer - Investment Castings
Jewelry Manufacturer – Investment Casting Operation – “The machine is performing to expectations, the machine is more than capable of removing the required moisture even at our current full volume load. The system recovers quickly when the doors are opened and the surrounding air enters the chamber or when cycling the system for the first time during the morning…your equipment is delivering the desired process control.”