50th Anniversary

On June 27, 2014, employees and their families, former employees along with representatives from various stakeholder groups joined together to celebrate Bry-Air’s 50th Anniversary at a picnic on the Company…

Bry-Air EcoDry Dehumidifier

Dehumidifying or considering dehumidifying with desiccant? Before you make a decision be sure to consider Bry-Air's patented Bry-Smart Energy Management System featured on our EcoDry Series units and save up to 45% Energy…

Bry-Air Product Announcement

Bry‐Air's products are improving! Last week several decisions were made during a committee meeting for Product Change & Improvement. The following items are being implemented as standard on Bry‐Air's VFB, EcoDry, and DC Series products:Hinged access doors in lieu of bolted access panels to improve maintainability and ease of service! Access doors have been an option on Bry‐Air equipment for many years and we have listened to our customers who have told us they love the improved accessibility for cleaning and maintenance.Chain drives for rotors in units’ model 6 and up are replacing belt drive systems. This improvement adds longevity to our rotor system design reducing the cost of ownership for a Bry‐Air VFB, EcoDry, or DC system.Filter gauges will now be standard on all filter banks allowing visual verification of filter dirt loading. Clean filters improve energy efficiency and reduce the possibilities of rotor plugging from dirt due to lack of timely filter maintenance. A quick glance at these gauges will let our customers know if their filters are clean or dirty giving peace of mind that the Bry‐Air system is properly maintained for optimum performance, efficiency, and longevity.

Bry-Air reopens R&D Testing Lab

Bry-Air has reopened its R&D Testing Lab and environmental chamber for its customers. In fact, we have a customer using the test chamber this week in an effort to determine…