Beyond the Junk Folder: Uncovering Bry-Air’s Culture of Opportunity

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At Bry-Air, every email is an opportunity for connection, reflection, and engagement. This ethos is part of our broader culture of openness and meticulous attention to detail, supported by our leadership’s commitment to valuing every voice. This ensures that no message goes unheard, reflecting a company-wide practice that everyone at Bry-Air is encouraged to adopt. Recently, this philosophy led us to an affirming victory in a national company culture contest.

The Discovery

During a routine check of his inbox, an overlooked email from UKG caught our CEO Mel Meyers’ attention—an invitation to participate in a company culture contest tucked away in his junk folder of all places. This highlighted an important lesson: there are opportunities waiting to be uncovered in even the most unlikely places. This principle, much like Bry-Air’s innovative approach to air treatment solutions, reflects a deep-seated belief in exploring all possibilities, recognizing potential where others might overlook it.

Participation in the Contest

We decided to participate, highlighting our vibrant culture through a submission rich with examples of employee empowerment, customer satisfaction, and sustainable practices that have been part of our company for over 60 years. Our culture, which fosters recognition, joy, and excellence at all levels, ensures that every employee’s input is valued in improving the organization.

This philosophy extends to how Bry-Air treats its clients—viewing each interaction as an opportunity to deliver exceptional service and build lasting relationships. Through this foundation of company culture and excellence, Bry-Air was recognized as one of the winners of the UKG company culture contest, a testament to Bry-Air as one of the best workplaces in Central Ohio.

The Win

Here’s a video from Pat Wadors, UKG Chief People Officer, congratulating Bry-Air on our win:

From an Overlooked Email to a Celebrated Victory

This unlikely journey from finding an email in the junk folder to winning UKG’s Culture Contest is a powerful reminder of the importance of remaining open to opportunities, no matter their origin. It illustrates how a simple act of attentiveness can lead to significant achievements. This story serves as a call to action, not just for individuals, but for organizations everywhere to foster a culture that values every chance to grow, connect, and excel. 

At Bry-Air, we believe that every message holds value, every person has a voice, and every moment is an opportunity to lead by example. We invite you to explore what we represent—a nurturing company culture and a testament to what it means to be one of the best places to work for 60+ years. If you’re interested in applying for a position at Bry-Air, please feel free to explore our available job opportunities, or, if you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.


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