Celebrating 60 Years of Excellence in Environmental Control: Bry-Air’s Journey and Legacy

As we celebrate Bry-Air’s 60th anniversary, we reflect on a legacy that transcends the typical boundaries of the HVAC industry. Since its inception in 1964, Bry-Air, Inc. has not only contributed to advancements in dehumidification technology but has also cultivated a culture of innovation, dedication, and client-centric solutions. Through decades of relentless pursuit of excellence, Bry-Air has evolved from a modest startup to a global leader in environmental control solutions, constantly adapting to the technological and environmental challenges of the times. This anniversary marks not just a milestone of longevity but a testament to Bry-Air’s ongoing commitment to pioneering solutions that shape industries and enhance lives.

Establishing Foundations: The Early Years

Bry-Air’s journey began in 1964 Sunbury, Ohio, where Art Harms, alongside his partners Jack Whitaker, Bob Bolt, and Tony Montagno, founded the company with a focused vision on industrial dehumidification. Bob and Tony were both local to Sunbury, and were integral to running the company’s day-to-day operations. Art Harms, recognizing the potential of desiccant technology, acquired the desiccant dehumidifier line from the Bryant Company, laying the groundwork for what would become a culture of excellence. The company’s first major milestone was the construction of the Sunbury plant in 1965, which quickly became the heart of Bry-Air’s manufacturing and expansion efforts. 

In 1966, the addition of Paul Griesse to the team, who was just the 6th employee at the time, catalyzed Bry-Air’s growth, bringing new energy and perspectives that were crucial during the company’s formative years. Under his influence and the collective leadership of the founding team, Bry-Air achieved impressive first-year revenue, indicating strong market demand and the effectiveness of their pioneering dehumidification solutions.

Expansion: Building Global Connections

The decision to expand the Sunbury plant in 1975 was the beginning of Bry-Air’s transformation into a global entity. This expansion enhanced our assembly and electrical capabilities, preparing us for an increase in production and technological development. The late 1970s further showcased Bry-Air’s foresight and ambition as we ventured abroad with the introduction of Deepak Pahwa in 1978 and the subsequent establishment of Bry-Air Asia in 1979. This marked our first international joint venture, significantly broadening our global reach and influence, and it marked the first time a small business corporation in the U.S. had created a joint venture with an Indian company.

The introduction of desiccant rotor technology in the early 1990s exemplified Bry-Air’s role as a true force in the industry. This groundbreaking advancement revolutionized the dehumidification process, resulting in much lower costs, enhanced efficiency, and new standards across industries. Our office expansion in 1992 supported these growing operations, enabling us to meet the increasing global demand for sophisticated environmental control solutions.

Embracing the Future: Pioneering in Lithium-Ion Battery Manufacturing

Our journey into the new millennium has been characterized by a deepened commitment to creating solutions to even the most complicated moisture-related problems, particularly highlighted by our entry into sectors like Lithium-Ion battery manufacturing. Our contribution to the design of the iM3NY Gigafactory illustrated our leading role in providing critical environmental control solutions for cutting-edge technologies. This one-of-a-kind battery dry room began producing 15,000 green-credentialed batteries daily in 2022, and production capacity is set to increase twentyfold by 2030. The iM3NY plant not only stands out as the first purely American-made battery plant in the U.S. but also sets new standards for environmental responsibility in the industry. The batteries produced here are not only more cost-effective and safer than other technologies, but are also powered by hydroelectricity, making them among the greenest batteries on the market. 


As Bry-Air celebrates six decades of innovation and excellence, we are invigorated by our past achievements and the prospects ahead. Our ongoing commitment to delivering timely and effective solutions ensures that with Bry-Air, clients get what they need when they need it. Our continued vision is to be a company that provides security for its employees and a place where they enjoy working by providing a stress-free experience for our customers. We look forward to continuing our legacy of setting industry standards and exceeding client expectations as we embrace future challenges and opportunities.


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