4 Purposes of Commercial Dehumidifiers

Excess humidity in commercial buildings is a huge cause of concern. Humidity can damage equipment and raw materials, leading to losses. Luckily, commercial dehumidifiers prevent excess moisture in the atmosphere, enabling product and equipment preservation and preventing corrosion. They also create a pleasant working environment by preventing the formation of mold and mildew. Here are some different purposes of commercial dehumidifiers.

1. Control Indoor Environmental Conditions

Commercial dehumidifiers can significantly enhance air quality by removing excess moisture and creating a pleasant and healthy indoor environment. They can also reduce energy costs if well-designed. For instance, controlling moisture in hospitals and infirmaries creates a healthy environment for patients. This is because viruses and bacteria thrive in humid air, meaning eliminating humidity reduces their chance of flourishing.

At the same time, high humidity levels can lead to employees’ discomfort, resulting in less productivity and poor product quality. According to Electronic Hub, a dehumidifier for commercial properties is a powerful appliance that can eliminate between 70 to 150 pints in a day, creating a pleasant working environment.

2. Preserve Building Integrity

Dehumidifiers also help maintain a building’s integrity and quality. Prolonged humidity levels cause condensation, which results in corrosion, rust on surfaces, and the formation of mold and mildew. Humidity can also lead to concrete spalling if the structure lacks vapor barrier protection. In buildings such as ice-skating arenas, dehumidifiers prevent excess condensation, protecting the facility.

3. Preserve Product Quality

Another purpose of dehumidifiers for commercial properties is to preserve product quality. For instance, in food production factories such as yeast drying and manufacturing, dehumidifiers create an optimum environment to help maintain product quality. In the pharmaceutical field, they help in the production of powders and pills by reducing powder clumping. This leads to an increase in dosing precision and efficient packaging processes. Furthermore, dehumidifiers provide moisture protection, ensuring safer products with long shelf lives.

4. Prevent Equipment Damage

There are certain manufacturing environments where you can’t avoid steam. For instance, brewing needs huge amounts of water and heat, making steam a by-product. During production, these facilities create a humid-micro climate because of temperature fluctuations from the different processes. If a lot of steam is constantly deposited on various machinery, they become susceptible to damage which can lead to losses.

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