Dehumidification in Candy Processing

For over 50 years, Bry-Air has been the leader in dehumidification solutions for the most complex industrial applications. We deeply understand that proper humidity management is critical for candy production – controlling moisture ensures optimal product quality, processing efficiency, food safety and equipment protection.

The Far-Reaching Impact of Relative Humidity

Maintaining the ideal 30%-50% relative humidity (RH) range in your candy processing facility delivers tremendous benefits across all aspects of operations:

  • Exceptional Product Quality – Low humidity prevents sugar bloom, minimizes stickiness, maintains texture integrity and delivers candy that looks and tastes fantastic. This leads to higher customer satisfaction and repeat sales.
  • Maximized Yields – Controlling moisture migration prevents clumping, reduces waste and rework. With less discarded candy, your overall yields are maximized.
  • Optimized Processing Speed – Dry, low humidity conditions allow significantly faster production speeds. Faster candy flow minimizes changeovers and downtime in wrapping, packing and enrobing equipment.
  • Maximized Food Safety & Shelf Life – Humidity encourages microbiological growth of bacteria, yeasts and molds that critically reduce shelf life and endanger health. Maintaining an appropriately low RH range helps satisfy food safety requirements.
  • Protected Equipment & Maximum Uptime – Preventing condensation and corrosion with humidity control keeps sensitive processing and packaging equipment in top working order for maximum operational uptime.

Customized Dehumidification Solutions

Bry-Air offers a full range of dehumidification equipment engineered to satisfy candy industry requirements:

  • Desiccant dehumidifiers perfectly control humidity for product quality and drying
  • Custom systems designed specifically for ingredient rooms, processing areas, cooking, enrobing and more
  • VFB Industrial Dehumidifiers for large facilities with precise temperature and humidity needs
  • Complete professional design, implementation and ongoing support services

Our experienced team of engineers completely understand your precise needs and can design a customized dehumidification system to address them. Bry-Air’s longstanding leadership has made us the go-to experts for candy manufacturers of all types and sizes globally.

Contact Bry-Air to Create Your Custom Candy Processing Dehumidification System

Frequently Asked Questions

What specific humidity levels does Bry-Air recommend?

For nearly all candy applications, we suggest maintaining a 30%-50% RH range. Certain processing areas may require levels below 30% RH for optimal efficiency.

Can Bry-Air assist with the technical design of my dehumidification system?

Absolutely. Our experienced engineers provide comprehensive site evaluations, modeling, equipment recommendations, installation guidance, testing and ongoing support.

How do Bry-Air systems minimize microbiological and food safety risks?

Specialized features reduce contamination risks – dehydration below critical RH points, reactivation heating, nano coated coils and high-performance air filtration.

Will Bry-Air dehumidification truly improve my product quality, speed and reliability?

Without question! Precisely controlling humidity optimizes product quality parameters, processing speed, packaging performance and equipment reliability for maximum efficiency.