Dehumidification in Cargo Hold Drying

Uncontrolled humidity is a silent threat that can lead to costly damage claims for air cargo. Mold, microbes, metal corrosion, and condensation rapidly degrade freight and packaging exposed to high humidity levels. For over 50 years, Bry-Air has provided expert dehumidification solutions to protect high-value freight for airlines, freight forwarders, charter services and logistics providers.

Our specialty, customized desiccant dehumidifiers, prevent moisture formation and can help improve the shelf life of temperature-sensitive pharmaceuticals, perishable items and electronics during flight.

Is Humidity a Concern for Your Cargo?

Moisture and condensation issues typically emerge during high-humidity ground transport, while cargo holds sit stagnant awaiting the next flight. In the air, pressure changes also promote condensation as aircraft ascend and descend. We can properly dehumidify even the largest wide-body cargo holds to prevent:

  • Corrosion Damage. Unprotected metals readily corrode. A single flashlight battery leak can cause thousands in claims.
  • Mold and Microbial Growth. Any organic material like mail, documents, fresh produce or flowers are at risk.
  • Hydroscopic Cargo Degradation. Moisture-sensitive products like resins become unusable through clumping.
  • Electronics and Pharmaceutical Shelf-Life Reduction. Moisture drastically decreases drug efficacy and component reliability. High-value products become unsalable.

As an air cargo facility manager, protecting your valuable freight from humidity damage prevents costly claims and disputes. This directly impacts your bottom line revenues and customer retention.

Our expert representatives assess your aircraft type, typical cargo loads, regional climate, and operational tempo to right-size a dehumidification system that maximizes value. We manufacture compact, lightweight desiccant units with capacities from 10 lbs/hour for regional aircraft up to 6,000 lbs/hour for the largest wide-body cargo jets.


The Bry-Air Rotary Dehumidification Difference

Bry-Air’s rotary desiccant dehumidification technology is optimized specifically for your unheated, stagnant cargo holds and fluctuating conditions. Customized to your freight type’s needs, our systems:

  • Maintain cargo areas at a constant 35-60% RH to prevent condensation
  • Use compact, lightweight desiccant wheels to maximize moisture adsorption even at low inlet temperatures
  • Reheat the air 5°F to 10°F above ambient temperature before return to prevent moisture reintroduction
  • Offer simple, low-maintenance designs tested under extreme operating conditions and tropical environments
  • Are sized correctly to manage true moisture and humidity loads for your routes and aircraft

With a global network, Bry-Air backs every system with complete lifecycle support from commissioning through ongoing parts and service. Our cargo hold dehumidification systems minimize claims and keep freight dry through fluctuating humidity and repeated takeoff and landing cycles.

Key Cargo Dehumidification Applications

Bry-Air offers optimized dehumidification solutions for electronics, perishables, and metal/industrial freight. Our systems allow for:

Electronics are highly susceptible to moisture with capacitors, batteries and boards easily degrading from corrosion, electrical leaks and dendrite formation. One personal computer or server can be worth thousands, making humidity control an imperative. Our compact systems mount easily within electronics unit load devices (ULDs) or directly integrate with aircraft bellies. They maintain an optimal 35-45% RH to significantly extend shelf life and prevent early failures.

From fresh-cut flowers to perishable seafood, organic cargo needs protection from microbial growth, decay and early spoilage. Papers, mail, and wood products also readily develop mold without sufficient dehumidification. By precisely tuning humidity levels to below 60% RH, our systems help perishables reach markets in prime condition after extensive transport.

Precision equipment, automotive components, piping, unfinished metal parts and countless other industrial items are at constant risk of corrosion damage. It takes just one leaking battery or spilled liquid to initiate rust and claims disputes. By maintaining an even 45-50% RH, our optimized systems inhibit corrosion formation through even the longest transoceanic trips.

Contact Bry-Air to Protect Your Cargo Investment

With over 50 years of cargo humidity control expertise, Bry-Air has a specialized solution for your air freight needs. Contact us today to discuss your aircraft specifications, typical cargo, flight routes and desired humidity levels. 

Our representatives provide free assessments to engineer a custom dehumidification system that saves you on future cargo claims, improves safety and preserves product integrity