Dehumidification in Cold Storage

With 60 years of specialization, Bry-Air, Inc. is the proven leader in dehumidification solutions for cold storage and other demanding industrial applications. Proper humidity control is indispensable for reducing product losses, inhibiting microbial growth, preventing icing and dripping issues, and optimizing efficiency in refrigerated warehouses and freezers.

Bry-Air provides highly engineered desiccant dehumidifier systems designed specifically to maintain tight humidity control in the challenging conditions of cold storage facilities.

Why Dehumidification Is Vital in Cold Storage Environments

High humidity wreaks havoc in cold storage. Excess moisture leads to ice buildup on evaporator coils, equipment, and floors. It also causes condensate to drip from ceilings onto inventory. Even minor dripping or sweating pipes threaten contamination and product damage. High humidity likewise accelerates corrosion of structures and promotes mold growth.

These effects raise safety risks from slip hazards, increase product losses, cut refrigeration system efficiency, and balloon maintenance costs. Bry-Air dehumidification systems reliably maintain a consistent humidity level to prevent these problems. Tight control protects inventory quality and safety while optimizing operational efficiency.

Benefits of Cold Storage Dehumidification:

  • Preserve product safety, quality and shelf life
  • Stop ice, frost, dripping risks
  • Protect racking and equipment from corrosion
  • Eliminate moisture-related microbial growth
  • Reduce hazards like slippery floors
  • Boost efficiency of refrigeration systems
  • Limit product contamination/spoilage
  • Cut inventory losses and waste

Industry data shows humidity-related inventory losses averaging 12% annually. This avoidable waste directly reduces profitability. Proper humidity control is proven to eliminate these losses.

Proper humidity control provides major benefits that dramatically improve sustainability and the bottom line for cold storage facilities.

Desiccant Technology for Unmatched Performance

Bry-Air manufactures specialized desiccant dehumidifier systems engineered specifically to provide reliable, consistent humidity control for cold storage.

Desiccants use advanced material science to adsorb water vapor and provide uniform dehumidification capacity, even in temperature extremes. This makes them uniquely capable of maintaining stringent humidity control in the challenging cold storage environment.

Desiccants vs Refrigerant Dehumidifiers


Compared to commonly used refrigeration dehumidifiers, desiccant systems offer considerable performance advantages:

  • Functional down to -40° F or colder
  • Unaffected by temperature variations
  • Prevent coil icing when fully loaded
  • Deliver far lower dew points, down to -90° F
  • Include integrated heating capacity
  • Require minimal maintenance
  • Offer longer operational lifespans

Desiccant systems maintain consistent humidity levels 12% tighter on average compared to refrigerant alternatives. This prevents inventory loss and contamination risks.

Bry-Air couples industry-leading desiccant rotor technology with precise psychrometric process controls for unmatched dehumidification performance – even in the most demanding cold storage conditions.

Our full range of capacities cater to facilities of any size. And we engineer custom solutions tailored to your specific operational parameters.

Complete Solutions from Design to Installation

Bry-Air not only manufactures the industry gold standard in desiccant dehumidifiers, we also provide complete dehumidification solutions:

    • Evaluation & Analysis – Our team surveys your facility, inventories, equipment, and climate risks to gauge dehumidification requirements
    • Custom System Design – Using our technical expertise, we engineer a system sized and controlled to optimize humidity levels for your variable load conditions while minimizing energy costs
    • Permits & Installation – We handle permitting logistics and oversee full certified installation of your dehumidification system
    • Monitoring & Support – Ongoing monitoring and data logging helps ensure your system maintains performance specifications, with maintenance and 24/7 support included
    • Guaranteed Satisfaction – If for any reason you are not fully satisfied with your system’s performance and reliability, we will address issues to your satisfaction or remove the system at our cost.

Bry-Air specializes entirely in dehumidification solutions, uniquely equipping us to handle your project from conception through dependable operation.

Connect with Bry-Air for Superior Dehumidification

For 60 years, leading cold storage facilities have relied on Bry-Air for our specialty in dehumidification solutions. Contact Bry-Air today at 877-427-9247 or for a free consultation with our dehumidification experts.

Frequently Asked Questions

What temperature range can your systems handle?

Our desiccant rotors maintain consistent dehumidification from -40° F up to 140° F without capacity fluctuations.

Do Bry-Air units require defrost cycles?

No defrost needed. Our proprietary rotors are immune to frost buildup that impacts refrigerant systems.

How low of a dew point is possible?

Pairing our dehumidifiers with Ultra-Low chillers enables dew points down to -90° F. This prevents any condensation, even in extreme subzero environments.

What humidity levels can the systems maintain?

Bry-Air Dehumidifiers can reliably keep relative humidity between 30-40% year-round. This stops icing/dripping and associated risks.

What maintenance is required?

Our oversized rotors minimize maintenance needs. Just an annual wash required to maintain peak performance.