Dehumidification in Equipment Storage

If you are responsible for storing equipment, creating a storage area with the ideal environmental conditions is vital. Unfortunately, there are many factors that can negatively influence that environment and ruin the equipment you store. 

One of the most detrimental environmental factors you’ll need to avoid is excessive relative humidity. Fortunately, installing a dehumidification system can help you avoid that problem entirely. 

At Bry-Air, we have decades of experience providing dehumidification systems that are perfect for storage areas in several industries. By choosing one of our systems, you can ensure that your storage facility maintains the ideal level of moisture so that your stored equipment remains clean and intact. 

Dangers of Humidity in Equipment Storage

To understand the importance of dehumidification in equipment storage, you should first learn about the dangers of excessive air moisture. High humidity can derail your storage operation in more ways than one, as the list below shows:

  1. Ruined stored equipment: High levels of moisture often lead to water damage, which can deteriorate and ruin stored items. 
  2. Unpleasant smells: Excessive air moisture leads to foul odors that make your storage facility an unpleasant environment in which to work. 
  3. Poor air quality: Humidity can also lead to lower air quality, which poses a health risk, especially for those with asthma, allergies, and other respiratory problems. 
  4. Mold and mildew: As moisture accumulates, it encourages the proliferation of mold and mildew. These substances are not only unsightly but also reduce air quality and can cause structural damage in some cases. 
  5. Pest infestations: Many pests prefer a moist environment. As such, if your storage facility becomes too humid, it invites certain pests. Some of these pests may chew on your stored equipment or the structural elements of your building. 
  6. Damaged electronics: While moisture can damage many stored items, it is especially damaging to electronics. When moisture contacts electrical components, they can become ruined beyond repair. 
  7. Energy inefficiency: High relative humidity often makes it more difficult for HVAC units to operate. This increased difficulty causes your HVAC system to use more energy, leading to higher energy bills for you. 

Clearly, high humidity can wreak havoc on your equipment storage operation and ultimately have a dramatically negative impact on your business’s bottom line. Fortunately, Bry-Air offers industry-leading dehumidification systems that will keep your air moisture levels in check. 

The Bry-Air Rotary Dehumidification Difference

While there are many dehumidification providers to choose from, none of them take the time to develop systems that are unique to your needs the way Bry-Air does. Here’s what our dehumidification systems can do for your equipment storage facility: 

  1. Maintain ideal relative humidity for equipment storage between 30 and 50%.
  2. Remain quiet during operation, so your storage environment remains calm and peaceful. 
  3. Maintain energy efficiency to ensure your dehumidification efforts remain cost-effective. 
  4. Reheat air before it exits the system to ensure it does not cause more humidity. 
  5. Ensure ideal sizing for your equipment storage facility. 
  6. Include an intuitive design that is easy to understand and use. 
  7. Achieve a long life span so that the system serves your facility for many years to come. 

At Bry-Air, we guarantee those outcomes while also searching for the best ways to continually improve our solutions. Our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction ensures you get the best possible dehumidification system for your equipment storage area. 

Key Equipment Storage Dehumidification Applications

Our top-of-the-line dehumidification systems offer benefits that will dramatically improve the overall environment in which you store equipment. Below are a few of the leading advantages you’ll enjoy after committing to one of our systems:

1. Comprehensive Moisture Control

The dehumidifiers we supply are easy to use and always result in the ideal relative humidity level for your equipment storage facility. With our systems running, you can rest assured that your relative humidity level will remain between 30 and 50%. 

2. Cleanliness

By controlling air moisture, our systems discourage pests, unwanted odors, mold, and more. The result is a clean environment for your stored equipment and anyone who works in the area. 

3. Energy Efficiency

You won’t need to worry about our dehumidifiers using excessive amounts of energy. All of our systems are as energy efficient as possible so that your energy bills will remain reasonable. 

4. Keep Stored Items Safe

Ultimately, the priority of every equipment storage facility is to keep stored items safe and in excellent condition. By maintaining the ideal humidity level, our dehumidification systems help you achieve that invaluable goal in your equipment storage operation. 

Contact Bry-Air for Dehumidification for Your Equipment Storage

Do you own or operate an equipment storage facility? If so, dehumidification is not something that you can overlook. It’s crucial to find a dehumidification supplier who can give you the perfect system for your needs. 
At Bry-Air, we provide industry-leading desiccant dehumidification systems that perfectly serve the equipment storage industry. We’re also happy to meet the unique needs of your facility so that you can receive the dehumidification solution that fits you best. If you’d like to learn more about what we offer, contact us today!