Dehumidification in Ice Skating Arenas

If you are familiar with the benefits of dehumidification, then you likely know the immense advantages that this service offers to ice skating arenas. After all, the countless benefits of dehumidification help to keep an ice skating rink clean, fully functional, and much more. 

For anyone who is unfamiliar with how dehumidification can assist the operation of an ice skating arena, this article is for you. We’ll detail the main pros of using a dehumidification system and learn the unique ways in which the ice skating community stands to benefit from it. 

Fewer Pests and Unwanted Animals

Anytime that your facility has excessive moisture, you can expect it to be more likely that you will experience an infestation. Naturally, insects and other types of pests are drawn to areas that have higher levels of relative humidity. Running a dehumidifier allows you to monitor and manage the ideal level of humidity in your ice rink. 

Reduced Condensation

Excessive moisture in the air also leads to higher levels of condensation. This increase in condensation leads to issues with your structural integrity. It can also cause problems with the glass around your rink and any mold and mildew present on your premises. Dehumidification is one of the most reliable ways that you can prevent condensation from forming on the surfaces of your rink area. 

Less Mold and Mildew Growth

The moisture that builds in your air space also encourages the growth of mold and mildew. In fact, in many cases, extreme air moisture causes these substances to proliferate, leading to foul smells and other problems. Including a dehumidifier in your design helps reduce excessive moisture, which makes it more difficult for mold and mildew to grow in your facility. 

A Healthier Environment for Those with Allergies

If you or someone you know suffers from allergies or a similar respiratory issue, then having a dehumidifier in your ice rink is paramount. Any time that moisture accumulates in the air, it is more likely that the skaters who visit your rink will experience an allergic reaction. Fortunately, dehumidification reduces air moisture and thus makes it less likely that those with allergies, asthma, or any similar issue will have a reaction to your space. 

Safety for Your Electronics

The less air moisture there is in your ice rink, the safer your electronics will be. In order for your electronic tools to function at their fullest capacity, it is important that the area in which they operate remains free from excessive moisture. As mentioned previously, the best way to manage air moisture is through the use of a dehumidification system. 

A Fix for Bad Smells

High volumes of condensation eventually lead to growths of mold and mildew. As these substances accumulate, it becomes all the more possible for them to produce foul odors. In fact, if you notice unexplained bad smells coming from anywhere in your ice skating rink, you can expect that you have an issue with excessive air moisture, mold, and mildew. By running a dehumidifier, you can avoid these unwanted smells and keep your rink as clean as can be. 

Improved Energy Costs

Anytime that your HVAC system needs to battle against excessive air moisture, rest assured that it does not operate at full efficiency. Including a dehumidification system in your ice skating rink prevents this type of condensation and lets your HVAC system run smoothly. As time goes on, this improved efficiency leads to better energy use and lower costs for you. 

Better Health for the Skaters in Your Rink

Although you might not expect it, excessive amounts of moisture in your ice rink will eventually have a negative effect on the skaters in your rink. If the humidity is too high, athletes of all kinds can suffer. The best way to ensure an excellent playing area for those who visit your rink is to install a dehumidification system and keep the humidity at the ideal level. 

Maintain the Optimal Humidity for an Ice Rink

As you might expect, there is an optimal level of humidity that you should keep for your ice rink. This level of humidity influences the area in which spectators watch hockey and on the ice itself. Generally, the best level of humidity to keep for your rink is between 50 and 55%. Using a dehumidification system is the best way to ensure you meet that level. 

Why Ice Skating Rinks Need Dehumidification

There is no getting around the idea that dehumidification is not only a convenience for the ice skating industry. Instead, dehumidification is something you must invest in if you want your ice rink to remain functional and visible for those who spectate. 

Those who operate an ice rink must maintain a specific dew point. They must also manage specific temperatures near the ice and manage any condensation that accumulates near the glass that surrounds the ice. 

The only way to ensure you maintain the ideal environment in your ice rink is to include a dehumidification system in the design of your ice rink arena. Consistently using a dehumidification system lets you create the ideal area for the skaters and those who watch them. You’ll also do your part to ensure allergies, mold, mildew, and structural issues are not a problem for your ice rink. 

Use Only the Best Dehumidification System

At this point, you have a firm understanding of how a dehumidification system can benefit an ice skating arena. These systems help keep the air clean and free from any excessive moisture that may begin to build up in your rink area. 

The issue is that not all dehumidification suppliers can meet the unique needs of an ice skating rink. The good news is that Bry-Air can provide you with the ideal dehumidification system for your needs. Reach out today to learn more about the fantastic services we offer.