Dehumidification in Lithium Battery Rooms

Countless tools and products depend on lithium batteries for power. However, before lithium batteries can power these tools, they must have proper storage to ensure that they remain intact and fully functional. 

There are several factors involved in proper lithium battery storage, one of which is setting and maintaining the ideal relative humidity level. The best way to achieve that goal is by installing a comprehensive dehumidification system that meets the specific needs of lithium battery rooms. 

Bry-Air is proud to offer the best dehumidification systems for lithium battery storage and many other applications. Thanks to our products, you can rest assured that the moisture level in your lithium battery room will remain at the perfect level. 

Dangers of Humidity in Lithium Battery Rooms

Excessive air moisture is a severe problem for lithium battery rooms. Here are a few of the negative outcomes you can expect if you are unable to manage the humidity in your lithium battery storage space:

  1. Ruined batteries: When moisture levels are too high, they can ruin lithium batteries entirely, rendering them completely useless. 
  2. Shorter battery lifespan: If your lithium batteries are exposed to moisture during storage, they will often have a shorter lifespan once they are in use. 
  3. Poor air quality: Beyond the negative effect of moisture on lithium batteries themselves, air moisture also leads to poor air quality for anyone who works in your lithium battery room. Poor air quality can also exacerbate health issues such as asthma, allergies, and more. 
  4. Mold and mildew: Excessive air moisture encourages the growth of mold and mildew, both of which contribute to poor air quality and can threaten the structural integrity of your room. 
  5. Pest infestations: Moisture creates the perfect environment for several unwanted pests. If you are interested in avoiding an infestation in your lithium battery room, dehumidification is a must. 
  6. Energy inefficiency: As noted earlier, dehumidification is one of several environmental factors necessary for successful lithium battery storage. Maintaining those environmental factors depends on HVAC units. Unfortunately, when moisture is high, it’s more difficult for those units to operate, leading to greater energy use and higher energy bills. 

When left unchecked, high relative humidity can make your lithium battery storage efforts entirely ineffective. The good news is that Bry-Air is ready to provide you with an industry-leading dehumidification system that allows you to avoid those moisture-related problems. 

The Bry-Air Rotary Dehumidification Difference

At Bry-Air, we take a detailed approach to dehumidification to ensure you receive the best system for your needs. The list below shows what our dehumidification systems can do for a lithium battery storage room:

  1. Maintain a low relative humidity of 1% or less for ideal lithium battery storage. 
  2. Expend energy efficiently so that your dehumidification system does not drive up energy bills. 
  3. Remain quiet during the operation. 
  4. Heat the air before it exits the dehumidification system to ensure it does not contribute to air moisture. 
  5. Sized perfectly for your facility. 
  6. Include an intuitive design that is easy to understand and use. 
  7. Continue efficient operation over a long life span.

Our team at Bry-Air is not only focused on delivering those fantastic benefits but also on achieving complete customer satisfaction. When you work with us, rest assured that we’ll take the time to develop the dehumidification system that’s best for you. 

Key Lithium Battery Rooms Dehumidification Applications

For anyone who oversees a lithium battery room, dehumidification is not something you can overlook. Instead, dehumidification is a necessary requirement that will provide the following key benefits for lithium battery storage. 

1. Complete Moisture Management

When you use a Bry-Air dehumidifier, you can expect complete moisture control. We recognize that lithium battery rooms require very low air moisture, and our systems can keep relative humidity below 1%.

2. Clean Air

Along with protecting your lithium batteries, you can also expect that our dehumidification systems will make for cleaner air in your facility. Clean air leads to a healthy and productive environment for those who work in your lithium battery room.  

3. Energy Efficiency

Don’t worry about using too much energy when running our dehumidifiers. Bry-Air dehumidification is always energy efficient to ensure your energy costs remain reasonable. 

4. Keep Lithium Batteries in Ideal Condition

Dehumidification allows your lithium batteries to remain in pristine condition. Once those batteries are in use, they will be effective and as long-lasting as possible, thanks in part to proper dehumidification. 

Contact Bry-Air for Dehumidification for Your Lithium Battery Rooms

If you operate a lithium battery room, you must have a dehumidification system that meets your needs. At Bry-Air, we have plenty of experience providing dehumidification to the lithium battery industry, which makes us confident that we can provide a system that suits your facility. If you want to learn more about the dehumidification systems we offer, contact us today!