Dehumidification in Plant Layups or Facility Mothballing

Performing a plant layup or facility mothballing requires considerable forethought and several specific environmental conditions. One of the most important factors in these processes is dehumidification. Without maintaining the ideal relative humidity, corrosion and condensation can quickly accumulate and ruin your facility preservation efforts. 


The good news is that controlling humidity in plant layups and facility mothballing is quite attainable. At Bry-Air, we provide the ideal dehumidification systems to help keep your facilities at the ideal moisture level for greater longevity and preservation.

Dangers of Humidity in Plant Layups or Facility Mothballing

Excessive levels of moisture are an issue for many types of facilities. When moisture in the air gets too high, you can expect the following negative outcomes to occur:

  1. Corrosion: Many of the pieces of equipment in your facility likely consist of metal. Unfortunately, excessive moisture can cause these materials to corrode and become unusable. 
  2. Poor Air Quality: High moisture is not only a detriment to your equipment, but it is also a cause of poor air quality. 
  3. Mold and Mildew: High humidity encourages growths of mold and mildew, which are not only unsightly, but also hazardous to human health. 
  4. Pest Infestations: Many common pests prefer a moist environment. Failing to dehumidify during a plant layup or facility mothballing can cause unwanted insects to infest your building. 
  5. Energy Inefficiency: High moisture can make it more difficult for your HVAC units to operate properly. This increased difficulty leads to greater energy use and higher energy bills for your facility. 

Since there are so many risks, you should not proceed with a plant layup or facility mothballing without setting up the ideal dehumidification system. Read on to learn what that system can provide for your operation. 

The Bry-Air Rotary Dehumidification Difference

Bry-Air is dedicated to providing the best dehumidifiers for plant layups, facility mothballing, and many other industrial practices. When you choose a dehumidification solution from Bry-Air, here are a few of the outcomes you can expect to enjoy:

  1. Maintaining the perfect level of relative humidity in your facility, often at or just below 40%.
  2. Energy efficiency to ensure your dehumidification system does not drive up energy bills. 
  3. Quiet operation to ensure a calm and peaceful environment. 
  4. Heat the air before it exits the dehumidification system to ensure it does not contribute to air moisture. 
  5. Sizing customization that ensures you get a system that fits your facility perfectly. 
  6. Ease of use and operation. 
  7. A long lifespan that includes many years of well-functioning dehumidification. 

Tell us about the unique features of your plant layup or facility mothballing project, and we can customize a dehumidification system that is ideal for your needs. 

Key Dehumidification Benefits for Plant Layups or Facility Mothballing

Dehumidification is a non-negotiable element of successful plant layups and facility mothballing. Here are the main benefits:

Prevents Corrosion of Equipment

Dehumidification maintains relative humidity at or below 40% during plant layups or mothballing. This prevents moisture from causing corrosion and damage to metal equipment, ensuring it remains in good condition for future use.

Discourages Mold and Mildew Growth

By keeping facilities dry during layups or mothballing periods, dehumidification creates an environment inhospitable to mold and mildew. This protects the building itself as well as the equipment inside from contamination and degradation.

Preserves Mechanical Integrity

Proper humidity control is critical to preventing mechanical decay while facilities are inactive. Dehumidification protects sensitive components and machinery from moisture-related problems, extending their lifespan and reducing the need for costly repairs upon reactivation.

Maintains Ideal Preservation Conditions

Plant layups and mothballing require specific environmental parameters for optimal preservation. Dehumidification systems allow tight control over moisture levels, continuously maintaining the facility at the 40% relative humidity that is ideal for long-term storage and protection of assets.

Contact Bry-Air for Dehumidification for Your Plant Layups or Facility Mothballing

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