Dehumidification in the Brewing Industry

If you work in the brewing industry, you can benefit from a well-functioning dehumidification system in more ways than one. Rampant humidity leads to a wide range of complications, all of which pose a threat to your brewing operations. 

Fortunately, Bry-Air has decades of experience providing the ideal dehumidification solutions to the brewing industry. Our systems are adept in maintaining the ideal level of air moisture, creating the ideal working environment, and protecting the key features of your brewing facility. 

What Happens When Your Brewing Facility Lacks Dehumidification?

Before determining that a dehumidifier is right for your brewing facility, it is essential to understand what kind of issues can arise when humidity gets too high. Unfortunately, excessive moisture can wreak havoc on your facility, which is why dehumidification is much more of a necessity than a convenience in the brewing industry. Some of the most prevalent threats of a lack of dehumidification are:

  1. Mold and mildew: Excessive moisture encourages growths of mold and mildew, which are not only unsightly but also hazardous to human health. 
  2. Foul odors: High moisture levels often lead to foul odors, which can make visiting and working in your brewing facility highly unpleasant. 
  3. Mechanical inefficiencies: High volumes of humidity can impact your brewing machinery, making it less efficient and leading to a greater need for repairs. 
  4. Pest infestations: Many pests thrive in moist environments, which is all the more reason why you should keep your brewing facility in the ideal moisture range. 
  5. Electrical damage: Any components that feature electrical parts are especially prone to moisture damage. 
  6. Energy inefficiency: High degrees of moisture can make it difficult for your HVAC units to operate. This difficulty causes the units to work harder, resulting in higher overall energy costs. 

Any facility manager in the brewing industry should attempt to avoid these issues. Bry-Air can be an incredibly beneficial partner for that much-needed effort. Our desiccant dehumidifiers are the perfect option for eliminating the complications listed above and ensuring your brewing facility remains as intact and efficient as possible. 

The Bry-Air Rotary Dehumidification Difference

One of the most significant reasons why you should select Bry-Air for your dehumidification needs is that we focus our efforts on creating dehumidification systems that are ideal for the unique needs of your operations. Below are just a few ways we can serve facility managers in the brewing industry:

  • Keep relative humidity levels in your brewing facility at or below 65%.
  • Ensure quiet operation and energy efficiency so your facility remains peaceful and cost-effective. 
  • Reheat the air before returning it out of the system to ensure it does not contribute to a future moisture issue. 
  • Provide a simple, low-maintenance, easy-to-use design with extensive testing that allows it to stand up to anything that occurs in the brewing industry. 
  • Guarantee correct sizing so that our dehumidification systems are the perfect fit for your facility. 

Throughout our tenure, Bry-Air has consistently proven its cutting-edge technology. Thanks to our commitment to quality, we are confident we can provide the ideal dehumidifiers for any brewing operation. 

Key Brewing Industry Dehumidification Applications

The care and attention we put into our dehumidifiers allow us to present you with an extensive list of benefits for the brewing industry. Below is a list of some of the most vital advantages our products can offer:

1. Complete Moisture Control

Our dehumidification systems allow you to monitor and manage the moisture levels in your brewing facility. Thanks to the effectiveness and simple operation of our dehumidifiers, you’ll have no challenge keeping relative humidity at 65% or lower in your brewing facility. 

2. Excellent Efficiency

By using our dehumidifiers, you can expect all of the machinery in your brewing facility to remain in ideal condition. Keeping your machines intact allows you to maintain an efficient brewing process that results in high-quality products. 

3. Pest Prevention

Don’t allow high moisture levels to invite unwanted creatures into your brewing facility. Our dehumidifiers keep your moisture levels lower so that it is far less likely an unwanted guest will make a home in your facility. 

4. Protection for Key Brewing Components

Protection is essential if you want to keep your brewing facility in operation. By controlling moisture, our dehumidifiers protect your electronics and HVAC units. This protection keeps those components operational and reduces the need for repairs. 

5. Clean Working Environment

Bry-Air dehumidification leads to a safer and healthier working environment. By keeping relative humidity in check, we can ensure that your brewing facility is an enjoyable place to visit and work. 

Contact Bry-Air to Protect Your Brewing Facility

There are many factors to consider when keeping your brewing facility in top shape, one of which is the need for dehumidification. However, not all dehumidification products can help you avoid the detriments and receive the impactful benefits we mentioned above. 

Fortunately, Bry-Air is well-equipped to provide you with the perfect desiccant dehumidifiers, customized to match your personal experience and needs. Contact us today to learn more about what we can offer.