ecopurge desiccant dehumidifier


EcoPurge® Energy recovery equals energy savings!

The newest addition of energy efficient products is outfitted with EcoPurge®.  Designed primarily for low dew point applications, EcoPurge® recovers the energy from the hottest segment of the rotor and uses that heat to significantly reduce the energy costs associated with the regeneration process.

In addition, this closed loop design also preconditions the process segment of the rotor resulting in improved grain depression, which often allows reduction in the size of the system resulting in a smaller footprint and lower initial costs.  An additional benefit of EcoPurge® is a significant reduction in the temperature of the process outlet air, resulting in reductions in post-cooling costs.

Lower react energy usage; better grain depression; reduced post-cooling costs and lower first costs will be yours if your application calls for EcoPurge®.