Bry-Air, Inc & Partners Bring First Ever Industrial Use Dry Room to iM3NY Lithium-Ion Gigafactory

Inside of the first ever commercial use dry room built by Bry-Air, Inc in Endicott, NY

Bry-Air USA and Airtho Cleanroom Products Partner to Provide the 55,000 sq. ft. Dry Room for the First Commercial Use at the iM3NY Lithium-ion Gigafactory in Endicott, NY.

  • Bry-Air teamed up with Airtho to design and supply the dry room’s total environmental control system.
  • The dry room will be used for the production of 15,000 green credentialed batteries per day over the next year, with an output level 20 times higher by 2030.
  • The batteries are more cost-effective and safer than other battery technologies, and will be produced using hydroelectricity, making them among the greenest on the market.
  • The iM3 factory is the first purely American-made battery plant in the US.

Bry-Air USA is proud to announce that its newly-completed, climate-controlled dry room is seeing its first commercial application at the iM3NY Lithium-ion gigafactory based in Endicott, NY, the first purely homegrown operation of its kind in the US. In 2019, Bry-Air partnered with Airtho Cleanroom Products to begin designing the 55,000ft2 room and the environmental control technology needed to support production activities at the plant, which commenced earlier this month. 

Bry-Air Owner & CEO Mel Meyers commented:

“Together, Bry-Air and Airtho were able to deliver the dry room in record time because we were involved in the project from the very beginning. We collaborated with iM3’s Engineering Team to design the room, select the dehumidifiers to precisely control the conditions in the battery manufacturing operation, and plan and execute the project schedule.”  

Bry-Air’s dry room is tasked with removing excess airborne moisture at low temperatures to stabilize products and components that are highly humidity- and temperature-sensitive. Their technology prevents corrosion and ensures reliable operation and high product quality even after extended storage periods. 

Bry-Air’s technology will support production levels as they scale over the next year to 15,000 batteries per day, with plans to increase those levels by over 20 times by 2030. New technology and new production materials make the batteries more cost-effective, safer, and more reliable, and they will also be produced using hydroelectricity, making them among the greenest available. 

Bry-Air has been a customer-focused leader in the field of environmental control systems for over 50 years and is proud to lend its expertise to a uniquely local and environmentally-sustainable operation.


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