Conquer Mold Quickly & Safely: Expert Guide to Mold Removal & Prevention

If you are dealing with a mold infestation, you must ensure that you know how to clean the area properly. Mold is toxic and can be harmful to you and your loved ones if you do not handle the removal with care. Once you have removed the mold, you should use methods for dehumidification to prevent the mold from growing again. According to the National Renewable Energy Laboratory, air humidity must be controlled below 60% relative humidity (RH) to prevent mold growth. Because of this, a dehumidifier can be beneficial for spaces you want to keep mold-free. Here’s our professional guide of the first steps to take when you spot mold.

Scrub Surfaces With Detergent and Water

If you have spotted mold, you should first take a detergent and water and scrub any hard surfaces clean. You must remove mold as soon as you realize you have an infestation. Detergent and water will disinfect your area. However, only some surfaces can be cleaned this way. You cannot clean absorbent surfaces like ceiling tiles this way. If you are unsure of how to clean mold properly, you can reach out to a professional to help with the removal process.

Throw Away Absorbent or Porous Materials

If you have any absorbent or porous materials affected by mold, you need to dispose of them. You can’t clean mold off of materials like ceiling tiles or fabric. The toxins could be left behind and potentially harmful. After cleaning hard surfaces with detergent and water, throw away any absorbent or porous materials affected by mold.

Dehumidify Your Space

Once you have dealt with the mold in your problem area, the best way to clear the air and prevent mold growth is to ensure that you use dehumidification. Mold grows in moist environments, so it is best to have a dehumidifier running in spaces that require them to be mold-free. Connect with our team for professional assistance with this step!

Dehumidification is an essential step in dealing with mold. It would be best if you kept your rooms free of moisture to ensure that mold doesn’t have a place to take hold. You can take steps to ensure that your home is cleaned properly after a mold infestation by scrubbing hard surfaces with detergent and water and throwing away any porous materials. If you need help with mold removal, reach out to a professional today.


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