Dry Room Installation Options

Are you looking to build a dry room soon, and do not have 12+ months to wait? In partnership with Airtho, Bry-Air provides peace of mind solutions that exceed customer expectations. With our Pre-Engineered Dry Room Kits, you can expect an industry-leading turn-around time. 

Eliminate the stress and pressure that comes with developing a dry room by allowing us to do the work for you. As a One-Stop Dry Room Solutions Expert, Bry-Air can take care of the room and desiccant dehumidification equipment to ensure a smooth build-out and implementation process. 

Work With Our Dry Room Experts

Work one-on-one with our team of Dry Room experts and engineers from the beginning to get exactly what you need the first time, saving money and valuable time.

Our single source kits integrate architectural and mechanical design.

Coordinate project management provides timely, coordinated, professional communications and documentation throughout the project with a single project manager for coordination of dry room kit and all the details. 

Integrated kits are less stressful for customers. We do the work for you, handling both architectural components and the environmental controls equipment. 

Integrated designs save time, money and aggravation… ultimately providing a higher quality solution.