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About Us

Bry-Air was founded in 1964 and has been a customer-focused leader in the field of environmental control systems for over 60 years. We are a leading manufacturer of industrial dehumidification and corrosion prevention products and services for technically complex applications with critical quality requirements in both industrial and commercial markets. A worldwide presence has been developed to better serve our many global customers.

Bry-Air’s manufacturing facility is located in Sunbury, Ohio with affiliate locations in India, Brazil, Malaysia, Switzerland, China, United Arab Emirates, Philippines, Indonesia, Vietnam, and Bangladesh. Throughout the world, the company maintains a network of more than 400 representatives in 145 countries.

Our success has been and will continue to be based on providing our customers with solutions to their most difficult moisture related challenges in a way that makes it easy to do business with us. We will constantly strive to contribute our technical and practical expertise to each customer focused partnership promptly, accurately and professionally.

Over 60 Years of Excellence in Industrial Dehumidification

Take a brief look into the world of Bry-Air, Inc., a dominant player in the industrial dehumidification & climate control sector for more than six decades. This short explainer video offers a sweeping summary of the organization’s proficiencies, cutting-edge approaches, and unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction. Ideal for anyone desiring a succinct introduction to Bry-Air’s remarkable accomplishments and their influence on the evolution of industrial dehumidification & climate control technology.

Industrial Dehumidification Applications & Services

Condensation and Frost prevention

Condensation & Frost Prevention

When cold surfaces are surrounded by moist air, water vapor will condense on the surface if the dew point of the surface is lower than the dew point of the surrounding air. This phenomenon, known as “sweating,” often leads to corrosion such as in water treatment plants or during surface preparation and coating of storage tanks in the chemical industry. Bry-Air’s desiccant dehumidifiers are used to blanket surface areas with dry air resulting in condensation prevention and economic benefits to the end user.

Corrosion Prevention

Corrosion Prevention

Corrosion can be defined as a change from one form to another through chemical reaction and, oftentimes the presence of moisture in the air accelerates the reaction. Most people are familiar with the term “rust,” which is nothing more than ferrous metals corroding in the presence of water vapor. Crystals such as sodium iodide and lithium fluoride can also corrode due to the water in the air. Bry-Air’s desiccant dehumidification units have been used effectively in electronics manufacturing, the storage of idle equipment in military and industrial plants, and in chemical plant pipe galleries for corrosion prevention.

Moisture regain prevention

Moisture Regain Prevention

Hygroscopic materials have an affinity for water and are sensitive to high relative humidity. Moisture regain by some of these materials causes them to become sticky and to not flow freely causing catastrophic problems in candy making, materials conveying, pharmaceutical and vitamin tablet making and packaging. Bry-Air, Inc. desiccant dehumidifiers are used to control the moisture content of the air in the manufacturing process thus ensuring reliable operation and product quality.

Mold and Fungus prevention by Bry Air

Mold & Fungus Prevention

Fungi feed on any carbon based material and when they become airborne, they are often harmful to humans. As they feed, fungi can destroy priceless art or historical objects as well as grains that are used in breweries, seeds in storage or food products being shipped via ocean freight. Bry-Air, Inc. desiccant dehumidifiers are used to control the moisture content of the air which surrounds the material or object to be protected causing the micro-organisms to remain dormant.

Product drying by Bry Air

Product Drying Applications

Industrial dehumidifiers are crucial components in industries such as gelatin capsules, candy making, investment casting and sausage making, where drying a product at elevated temperatures causes catastrophic quality problems. The product will melt or the ingredients will deteriorate. Bry-Air, Inc. desiccant dehumidifiers are used to remove moisture at lower temperatures resulting in quality products and efficient operation.

Preservation and archival storage

Preservation & Archival Storage

Bry-Air desiccant dehumidifiers provide a low humidity environment, which prevents microbial attack. The dry air is often enough for the preservation of some materials without necessarily involving temperature control. Around the world, large and famous museums, churches and libraries use only commercial dehumidification without temperature control to save and preserve the priceless treasures of the world.

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Since 1964 Bry-Air remains the customer-focused leader of environmental control systems. Bry-Air manufactures desiccant dehumidifier products for technically complex applications with mission critical requirements.

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