How Condensation Can Ruin Your Production Line

Condensation is the enemy of manufacturing. The formation of water droplets on surfaces due to humid air can wreak havoc on production lines and endanger product quality. With nearly 60 years of experience, Bry-Air has seen firsthand how harmful uncontrolled condensation can be. This article reviews the common causes of condensation in manufacturing facilities and how it can disrupt operations.

Excess Moisture

The main cause of condensation is too much moisture in the air. Most manufacturing environments have some humidity from ambient conditions, human activity, and industrial processes. Water vapor condenses on surfaces when the air becomes oversaturated. Cooler surfaces attract more condensation because they make air reach its dew point faster.

Problem areas include near exterior doors and windows, around machinery exhausts, and on cold pipes or ductwork. Low-temperature processes like food packaging and cold storage are prone to condensation since the chilled air cannot hold much moisture. Even small amounts of excess humidity can create major condensation issues.

Equipment Failures

Reliable climate control is essential to manage moisture and prevent condensation in manufacturing. Equipment failures or insufficient dehumidification quickly cause condensation problems. Hot, humid weather can spike indoor humidity when air conditioning breaks down. Chiller and cooling tower issues limit the removal of moisture through dehumidification.

Poor ventilation also adds to excessive condensation by stopping stagnant moist air from being diluted and replaced. Consistent moisture removal and air circulation are vital to prevent condensation across large manufacturing spaces.

Safety Hazards

Condensation poses safety concerns for manufacturing facilities. When moisture accumulates, it can create hazardous conditions for workers and equipment.

Equipment Damage

One major threat from condensation is damage to machinery, tools, and components. Condensation corrosion degrades metal parts like bearings, shafts, and precision equipment. Rust weakens structural integrity. Water pooling below equipment can be sucked into air intakes and cause catastrophic mechanical failure.

Delicate electronics and controls are also vulnerable to moisture shorting out circuits or causing early component failure. Condensation on lenses, sensors, and cameras impairs process monitoring and automation. Keeping moisture off critical manufacturing equipment avoids unplanned downtime and maintenance costs.

Just as condensation can damage industrial machinery, it can also cause issues for appliances and systems around your home. Prolonged moisture exposure can corrode pipes, degrade HVAC equipment, and shorten the lifespan of electronics.

Product Defects

One of the worst consequences of condensation is product defects and quality issues. Moisture dripping onto your products during assembly can lead to mold, electrical malfunctions, rust, and other defects. Many raw materials like wood, paper, and textiles are very sensitive to excess moisture during production.

Even minimal condensation on packaging equipment can degrade cartons, labels, and seals. This allows contaminants inside and ruins product shelf life. No manufacturer wants to deal with unhappy customers or product returns due to easily preventable condensation problems.

Dehumidification Solutions

The good news is that controlling relative humidity through industrial dehumidification provides an effective solution. Bry-Air dehumidification systems remove substantial moisture from the air and maintain optimal humidity levels. This prevents condensation issues across the manufacturing floor and stops related problems before they start.

Proper dehumidification protects your facility, equipment, products, and profits from condensation threats. Don’t let excess moisture disrupt your manufacturing operations. 

Contact the experts at Bry-Air today to implement a customized dehumidification system.


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